As any parent with a cluttered fridge can attest, kids love making art. They have a propensity towards creativity– so why not channel it into a new skill? Graphic design just might be your child’s new favorite activity.

When Dean Vipond was tasked with explaining graphic design to a class of four-and-five-year-olds, he put it like this: “Design is about making something easy to use, or easy to understand… I use colours, letters, and pictures to help people understand things.” The kids of the class grasped it right away.

Thankfully, parents don’t need a graphic designer to come to their home for their kids to learn what design is all about. A slew of free and paid online courses now cater to kids. Learn about some of the best graphic design courses for kids below.

Youth Digital: For the Dedicated Kids

This tech teaching company offers courses for kids 8-14 who are a bit more focused in their design studies. In addition to many courses on coding, game development, and animation, they offer several design courses from fashion to 3D printing.

There are several different pricing options for this site. You can buy a course or course bundle, or opt for a subscription to gain access to the full library.

Tech Rocket: For Learning Graphic Design Tools

Tech Rocket offers courses designed to introduce older kids and teens to several design platforms. They’ll learn how to operate Photoshop and 3D printing software. Once they finish the graphic design courses, they can move on to coding or game design.

There’s a free version of the site that offers access to 15 different courses. A paid monthly or annual membership will get you access to their full library of 28 courses.

Kid Courses: For a More Relaxed Introduction

Kid Courses is a blog that offers explanatory courses in a wide variety of subjects. Their principles of graphic design series give a good overview of the basics. Each lesson also comes along with an activity, and some of them have videos and links to other resources as well.

Create Art with ME: For Overviews for Any Age

This blog is run by a Christian art teacher Michelle East. There are hundreds of lessons on the site explaining important principles of graphic design from color theory to typography. Each lesson is well thought through, with plenty of examples. In addition to categorization by subject, the lessons are also organized by grade, from kindergarten to AP Studio Art.

While the blog post lessons are free, worksheets, lesson plans, and posters are available for purchase.

Finally, since learning should be fun, there are plenty of graphic design games for kids to play online! Graphic design is a great skill for kids to learn and it's easier than ever to do, thanks to fun online courses and games.