When you start a new project or business endeavor, nothing feels more important than what the logo will look like. It's clearly the most fun part of the process, but how exactly are you supposed to design a professional, high-quality logo within your budget? There are multiple ways to approach cost-effective logo design on any size budget. Here are three strategies for you to design your next logo on a budget.

No Design Skills

Fiverr.com and Upwork.com are always an option for those short on cash. $5-10 dollars will get you a nice logo design. These designs are cheap for a reason, they're not the most customized, tailored designs. With due diligence, you can find a talented, successful designer to make you a professional looking logo for $5-10. Many designers offer unlimited revisions for an extra $5-10 as well. Deliver detailed instructions and concept to them and you'll be satisfied with their design. Adding another $20-30 can get you their original PSD or Ai file. If you like the design you can take it to another designer in the future, once you have a bigger budget.

Little Design Skills

Get on Lynda.com and for $40 per month you can spend the next 14-30 days studying everything there is to know about logo design. Design your own logo and then send the unfinished or unpolished work to a freelance designer you can find at your local community college or on Upwork.com. Work together with them to complete a high-quality, professional logo.

Intermediate Design Skills

If you have the design chops, consider developing your own logo design and spending your budget on a revision from a respectable high-quality designer or agency. If you take the time to craft your brand story, colors and messaging, the logo creation process will be much less daunting. Once you've developed a few really solid, promising designs, send them along with your brand story and information to a designer you can trust.

Finding A Designer You Can Trust

There are plenty of outlets for designers to acquire clients and showcase their work, and all of these platforms are good sources for finding a logo designer. The most important factor in assessing logo designers is communication. If you feel you can have open communication with a designer and you trust their skills and previous work, they're likely a good fit.

No matter what your budget or experience with logo design, you can design a logo on a budget if you use these resources and options to your advantage.